Letter to Church Officers in Missouri, 31 August 1835

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When the children of Zion are in stranger[s]  in a strange land their harps must be hu[n]g  upon the willows: and they cannot sing the  songs of Zion: but should mourn and not  dance. Therefore brethren, it remains for all  such to be exercised with prayer, and contin ual suplication, until Zion is redeemed. We  realize the situation that all the brethren and  sisters must be in, being deprived of their spir itual privileges, which are enjoyed by those  who sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus;  where there are no mobs to rise up and  bind their consciences. Nevertheless, it is  wisdom that the church should make but little  or no stir in that region, and cause as little  excitement as posible and endure their affli ctions patiently until the time appointed—  and the Governor of Mo. fulfils his  promise in setting the church over upon  their own lands. We would suggest an idea  that it would be wisdom for all the mem bers of the church on the return of the Bish op [Edward Partridge], to make known to him their names  places of residince &c. that it may be known  where they all are when the Governor  shall give directions for you to be set over  on your lands
Again it is the will of the Lord,  that the church should attend to their com munion on the sabbath day, and let  them remember the commandment which  says “talk not of Judgment” we are com manded not to give the childrens bread  unto the dogs; neither cast our pearl[s] before [p. 79]