Letter to Editor, 22 January 1840

a principle than mine Every person in this  Church has a right to controll his own proppe rty and is not required to do any thing except  by his own free voluntary act That he may  impart to the poor according to the requirement  of the gospel. “Give to him that asketh thee and  from him that would borrow of thee turn <not> thou not  away” I Math 5 chap 42. v.
I believe in liveing a virtuous upright and holy  life before God and feel it my duty <to> perswad  all men in my power to do the same: That they  may ciase to do evil and learn to do well and  brake off from their Sins by Rigteousness
I close this by subscribing my self yours mo[st]  obedient Servent
Joseph Smith Jr— [p. [4]]
JS, letter, Brandywine, PA, to the editor of The Chester County Register and Examiner, 22 Jan. 1840; unidentified handwriting with signature of JS; four pages; private possession.