Letter to Edward Hunter, 21 December 1841

another Season. We have no good grain or board  mill in this place. & most of our flour & lumber  has to be brought 20 miles. which Subjects us to  great inconvenience.
The city is rapidly advancing. & many new  buildings have been erected since you left us, &  many more would have arisen if Brick & lumber could  have been obtained. There is scarce any limits which  can be imagined to the mills & machinery & manafatering  of all kinds, which might be put into proffitable operatin  in this city, and <even> if others should raise a mill before  you get here, it need be no discouragement either to  you or to Bro. [Henry] Buckwalter. for it will be difficult  for the mills to keep pace with the growth of the  place. & you will do well to bring the Engine, If  you can persuade any of the brethren who are manafaters  of woolens or cottons to come on and establish their  business, do so.
I have not ascertaind definitely as yet.,  how far the goods will go toward liquidating Dr [Robert D.] Fosters  Note or Finishing your house. but this I can say  I will make the most of it. & benefit you eve[r]y  possible way.
Your message is delivrd to Mrs [Emma] Smith &  she will be glad to have returns on her letter of  attorney as speedily as circumstances will permit according  to the understanding thereof.— [p. [2]]
JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Edward Hunter, West Nantmeal, PA, 21 Dec. 1841; handwriting of Willard Richards; three pages; JS Collection, CHL.