Letter to Elias Higbee with JS Postscript, 7 March 1840

Lee County Ill. [Iowa] Mar 7th 1840
Dear Sir
I take my pen for the first time to write  a few lines to you, in compliance with the wishes  of the bretheren in this Territory as manifested by  their vote, at a meeting of the high Council held  at Montrose on Friday the sixth inst, at which Prest.  Joseph Smith Jr. was present, and communicated to us  some things relative to the proceedings of Congress, on  the subject of our persecutions in the State of Missouri,  and final expulsion therefrom by the Executive au thority thereof.
We are fully sensible, that you will  as the Representative of the Church, do every thing [in]  your power to have our case fairly presented in all  its bearings to Congress. And be assured, that you  have the prayers, and the faith of the Saints here.  who seem determined that nothing shall be withheld  that they are in possession of or can procure; that  will be of use to you in discharging the duties of  your appointment. Exertions are making to furnish  you with every needful testimony, to prove every  item of the memorial, presented to the Senate by  Judge Young, which will be forwarded soon by Prst  Smith. I am instructed by the unanimous voice  of the Church here to request you not to give an  inch in any position that has been taken; [p. 109]
Elias Smith, letter, Lee County, IA, to Elias Higbee, Washington DC, 7 Mar. 1840, with postscript by JS; handwriting of Howard Coray; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 109–111; JS Collection, CHL.