Letter to Emma Smith, 12 November 1838

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November 12th 1838, Richmond
we are prisoners  in chains, and under strong guards, for  Christ sake and for no other causes  although there has been things that were  unbeknown to us, and altogether beyond  our controal, that might seem, to the mob  to be a pretext, for them to persacute us,  but on examination, I think that the  authorities, will discover our inocence, and  set us free, but if this blessing cannot be  done obtained, I have this consolation that  I am an innocent man, let what will befall  me, I recieved your letter which I read over  and over again, it was a sweet morsal  to me, Oh God grant that I may have  the privaliege of seeing once more my lovely  Family, in the injoyment, of the sweets of  liberty, and sotial life, to press them to  my bosam and kiss their lovely cheeks  would fill my heart with unspeakable great  grattitude, tell the chilldren that I am alive,  and trust I shall come and see them before  long, comfort their hearts all you can, and  try to be comforted yourself, all you can, there  is no possible dainger but what we shall  be set at Liberty if Justice can be and done <and> that  you know as well as myself, the tryal will  begin to-day for some of us, Lawyer Rice [David Rice Atchison],  and we expect [Alexander] Doniphan, will plead  our cause, we could <git> no others in time for  the tryal, they are able man and <will> do well no  doubt, Brother Robison [George W. Robinson] is chained next  to me he he has a true heart and a  firm mind, Brother Whight [Lyman Wight], is next, Br.  [Sidney] Rigdon, next, Hyram [Hyrum Smith], next, Parely [Parley P. Pratt], next.  Amasa [Lyman], next, and thus we are bound  together in chains as well as the cords of  everlasting love, we are in good spirits and  rejoice that we are counted worthy to be per sicuted for christ sake, tell little Joseph,  he must be a good boy, and Father loves him <with> a per fect love, he is the Eldest must not hurt  those that <are> smaller then him, but cumfort  them tell little Frederick, Father, loves him,  with all his heart, he is a lovely boy. [p. 1]
JS, letter, Richmond, MO, to Emma Smith, Far West, MO, 12 Nov. 1838; handwriting of JS; two pages; JS Materials, CCLA.