Letter to Horace Hotchkiss, 10 March 1842

Copy of a Letter to H[orace] R. Hotchkiss Mch 10— 1842
Dr. Sir
I received yours dated Feby 7th. a few  days since and have ascertained that Mr James Ivins has written to  Mr Thomas W. Ivins instructing him to Deed the Land specified  in your Letter according to contract which Letter might not have  had time to reach Mr Ivins previous to you writing on the 7th.
<1st.> I have received a proposition to exchange Lands from Mr. John  M. Crane of Pleasant Hill Montgomery Co, I[ndian]a. which I take the  liberty to lay before you in his own words.
“I now proceed to give a description of my real estate; First,  the property where I now live in this place; one lot with two dwellings,  both two Story buildings, a frame Smithing Shop, good Stabling, a good  well of water and ten acres of Land with Timber and fine wood for the  use of this property. The above stated property is worth $700.oo. I have also  160 Acres of Land one mile East of this place with a good hewed Log  dwelling, good Stabling, about 60 acres of cleared Land, good fencing, two  wells of good water, and plenty of stock water. I bought of a man  who mortgaged it to the State funds of Ia or the nine per cent fund  for $500.oo and I gave him $650.oo for his right and pay out the  Mortgage when due, which will be on the first of July 1843. I will  take the amount I paid for it and give a Deed subject to the  Mortgage. I have 1 Lot in Newton, Fountain Co, For five miles  from this place with a good Frame Barn on it lying in the heart  of the Town. I will take $350.00 for it. I have also 1 half acre of  Town Lot in Dublin Wayne Co Ia, on the National Road east of  Indianopolis that I will take $350.oo for [p. 230]
JS, Letter, Nauvoo, IL, to Horace Hotchkiss, Fair Haven, CT, 10 Mar. 1842; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 230–231; handwriting of Willard Richards; CHL.