Letter to the Presidency in Kirtland, 29 March 1838

Far West March 29th A.D. 1838
To the first Presidency of the Church  of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  in Kirtland
Dear & well beloved brotheren. Through  the grace & mercy of our God, after a  long & tedious journey of two months  & one day, I and my family arrived in th[e]  City of Far West Having been met at  Huntsville 120 Miles from this by broth eren with teams & money to forward us  on our Journey When within eight miles  of the City of Far West We were met by an [p. 23]
JS, letter, Far West, MO, to William Marks, John Smith, and Reynolds Cahoon, Kirtland, OH, 29 Mar. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in JS, Journal, Mar.–Sep. 1838, pp. 23–26; CHL.