Letterbook 2

William W. Phelps to John P. Greene • 23 April 1839

Far West Mo— April 23rd 1839
The summit end of Mr Benson’s Mill dam was carried  away by the late freshet, and unless repaired, it will all go the next. The  Committee have gone, and if Father Smith [Joseph Smith Sr.] would send me a power of attorney  in connection with Mr Benson’s and [John] Corrills, I have a chance to sell it  before it is all lost. May be I might save the Old Gentleman something  which I promised Hyram [Hyrum Smith] I would do if possible because they now need.
Will you have them do so.

JS to William W. Phelps • 22 May 1839

Commerce Illinois May 22nd 1839
In answer to yours of 23rd April to John P Green[e]  we have to say that we shall feel obliged by your not making yourself officious  concerning any part of our business in future. We shall be glad if you can  make off a living by minding your own affairs, and we desire (so far as you are  concerned) to be left to manage yours as well as you we can. We would much rather  loose our properties, than be molested by such interference, and as we consider  that we have already experienced much over officiousness at your hand, concerning  men and things pertaining to our concerns, we now request once for all, that  you will avoid all interference in our business or affairs, from this time henceforth  and for ever. Amen.
Joseph Smith Jr.

Robert B. Thompson to the First Presidency • 13 May 1839

I beg leave to call your attention to a subject of considerable  importance to our Church, and which if not attended to is calculated (in my humble opinion)  to raise a prejudice in the minds of a considerable portion of the community and destroy  those benevolent and philanthropic feelings which have been manifested towards us as a people  by a large portion of this community: I have reference to the Letters of Bro Lyman Wight [p. 7]
Letterbook 2, [1839–ca. summer 1843]; handwriting of Howard Coray, James Mulholland, Robert B. Thompson, Willard Richards, John Fullmer, William Clayton, and George Walker; 238 leaves, 245 pages of letters, plus 26 pages of index and 83 pages of company records for Rigdon, Smith, & Co.; JS Collection, CHL.
Note: This book was originally used as a ledger, then turned over and repurposed as a letterbook. The ledger portion will be posted on this website at a later date.