Minutes, 11 October 1831

Minutes of a conference held in Hiram Portage County  Ohio Oct 11, 1831
Elders PresentPeter Whitmer Jr
Joseph Smith JrReynolds Cahoon
Oliver CowderyWilliam W Phelps
David WhitmerLuke Johnson
John Whitmer
Certain points were discussed by br Joseph Smith Jr, who said that the Elders  present were to tarry untill the Morrow & hold a meeting so that the members  might understand the ancient manner of conducting meetings as they were led  by the Holy Ghost Also said that this was not perfectly known by many  of the Elders of this Church. Exhortation by br William W Phelps
Br Oliver Cowdery then made a move that this conference take into consider ation the propriety of appointing six Elders to visit the several branches  of this church setting them in order and also make known the [p. 8]
Beginning in 1830, soon after the publication of the Book of Mormon, JS and Sidney Rigdon engaged in a revision of the Bible, a project they called a translation and considered divinely inspired. An 11 October 1831 conference met to consider two items related to the project. JS and Rigdon needed financial support to continue the revision, and, apparently as a result of the project, JS had become interested in the “ancient manner” of conducting meetings. Oliver Cowdery suggested that six elders be appointed to instruct the church branches and also to raise funds for JS and Rigdon’s revision efforts.
Ebenezer Robinson copied this text into Minute Book 2 in spring 1838, apparently relying on minutes taken at the time of the conference in October 1831.