Minutes, 11 September 1833

Kirtland 11 Sept 1833—
This day the following members of—  of the United firm residing in Kirtland  to wit F[rederick] G. Williams. Joseph Smith J Sidney  Rigdon and N K [Newel K.] Whitney, and also  Oliver Cowd[e]ry delegate to represent the  residue of the said firm residing in  Independence Jackson County Missouri  meet in councel to tak[e] into consideration  the expediency of establishing a printing  press in this place
First Resolved that by unanimous consent  that a press be established and conductd  under the firm of F G.W & Co
Seccondly Resolved that the above firm  publish a paper as soon as arangments  can be made entitled The Latter day  Saints messenger and advocate
Resolved also that the Star formerly  published in Jackson County Missouri  by the firm of W W, Phelps & Co— be  printed in this place by the firm of  F.G, Williams & Co to be conducted by  Oliver Cowdry one of the said firm  untill it is transfered to its forme[r]  Location——
After suffering vigilante violence in July 1833, Missouri church leaders attempted to avert further conflict by agreeing not to  operate a press or publish a newspaper in Jackson County. This ended the church’s two-year publishing enterprise in Zion.
Kirtland, Ohio’s United Firm responded to this news by resolving to continue the work of publication. Officers of the Firm, including JS, authorized F. G. Williams & Co. to operate a press, with plans to continue publication of The Evening and the Morning Star (previously published in Missouri) and publish a new periodical titled Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Frederick G. Williams, a member of the United Firm, copied these minutes into Minute Book 1.