Minutes, 12 February 1834

Thursday Evening, February 12. 1834. This evening the  high Priests and Elders of the Church in Kirtland at the  house of bro. Joseph Smith Jun. in Council for Church business.  The Council was opened organized, and opened by bro. Joseph Smith Ju[n]  in prayer. Bro. Joseph then rose and said: I shall now endeavour to set  forth before this Council, the dignity of the office which has been confer red upon me by the ministering of the Angel of God, by his own voice  and by the voice of this Church. I have never set before any council  in all the order in which a Council ought to be conducted, which,  prehaps, has deprived the Councils of some, or many blessings.
He said, that no man was capable of judging a matter in cou ncil without his own heart was pure; and that we frequently, are  so filled with prejudice, or have a beam in our own eye, that  we are not capable of passing right descissions, &c.
But to return to the subject of the order: In ancient days  councils were conducted with such strict propriety, that no one  was allowed to whisper, be weary, leave the room, or get uneasy in  the least, until the voice of the Lord, by revelation, or by the  voice of the Council by the spirit was obtained: which has not been [p. 27]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 12 Feb. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, pp. 27–29; CHL.