Minutes, 19 September 1835

Elder Carter proceeded to speak pretty largely & ex plain his design in teaching as he did, saying he believed  that God directed him by his spirit. & afterwards being  rebuked by the Presidents, Cowdery, Rigdon & Phelps, he  called upon the Lord & received again a Witness of the Spirit  that he was right & the Presidents were wrong. Elder  Carter taught in his concluding remarks, that God  had shown him by laying his hand upon him in  Judgement & delivering him therefrom, that he was  thus rebuked by Heaven for his iniquity, and that he  was made an example to the whole church. and God  would curse them if they did not hold up the Com mittee: for he was made an example in this  thing. President Rigdon arose and said, that he attend ed the meeting in which Elder Carter Spoke, and  was certain and is certain that he did not have the  spirit of wisdom to direct, and after he sat down  and Elder Samuel Smith had occupied some  half an hour, filled with the spirit, he arose  again and said, that if any man spoke  against the Committe, God would curse  him, and set the Committee away up from  the common brethren, and said that God would  take care of the Committee & God had the brethren  had nothing to do with them, for their station  was appointed them of God and not of man,  therefore, God will curse any man or woman  in the church, who shall speak evil of the Com.  That he told Elder Carter at the time in private  that he did wrong, and in Co. with other of the Presi dents advised him, after he should fill a certain  mission to the West East, that he should make a  confession to the Church, in order to satisfy  many of the brethren, who were agrieved with  him. [p. 114]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 19 Sept. 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 113–118; CHL.