Minutes, 24 February 1834

Kirtland, Feb.’ 24, 1834.
The high council of the Church met this day at  the house of Joseph Smith Junr. for the purpose of giveing  an audience or hearing to Lyman Wight and Parley [P.] Pratt,  representatives from Zion, to represent to us the state of the  church in that place.
Joseph, the president, opened the council by prayer.  Two of the standing counsellors were absent, namely, Joseph  Coe and John Smith. Hyrum Smith was chosen to act  in the place of John Smith and John P Green[e] to act  in the place of Joseph Coe. Thus the high council was organiz[e]d  and six of the counsellors were appointed to speak. Bro’s. P.  Pratt and L. Wight, messengers from Zion, arose and laid  their business before the council and delivered their message.  the substance of which, was, an inquiry when, how and by  what means Zion was to be redeemed from our enemies. They  said that our brethern who had been driven away from  their lands and scattered abroad had found so much  favour in the eyes of the people that they could obtain  food and raiment of them for their labour insomuch  that they were comfortable. But the idea of being driven  away from the land of Zion pained their very souls and  they desired of God, by earnest prayer, to return with  songs of everlasting joy as said Isaiah, the Prophet.
They also said that none of their lands were sold into [p. 41]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 24 Feb. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, pp. 41–42; CHL.