Minutes, 25–26 October 1831

Br. Edmund Durfee said that he had professed religion for a number of years  yet now felt to bear testimony of the goodness of God, & also to consecrate all to  the Lord.
Br. Joseph Smith [Sr.] said that he had nothing to consecrate to the  Lord of the things of the Earth, yet he felt to consecrate himself to and family.  Was thankful that God had given him a place among his Saints, felt will ing to labor for their good.
Br. Luke Johnson said that he was determined to be for God and  none else come life or death, also remembered his covenant that he would  consecrate all that he had to the Lord.
Br. Hyrum Smith said that he thought best that the information of  the coming forth of the book of Mormon be related by Joseph himself to  the Elders present that all might know for themselves.
Br. Joseph Smith jr. said that it was not intended to tell the world all  the particulars of the coming forth of the book of Mormon, & also said  that it was not expedient for him to relate these things &c.
Br. Frederick G. Williams laid before the Conference the case of Sister  Marsh & family who were somewhat destitute.
Br. Titus Billings said that he was surprised that the case of Sister  Marsh should be brought to this Conference, as she and her family were  provided for as well as her brethren around her.
Br Joseph Smith Jr said that he intended to do his duty before  the Lord and hoped that the brethren would be patient, as they had a con siderable distance. also said that the promise of God was that the greatest blessings  which God had to bestow should be given to those who contributed to the support of  his family while translating the fulness of the Scriptures; also said until we have  perfect love we are liable to fall and when we have a testimony that our names  are sealed in the Lamb’s Book of life we have perfect love & then it is impossible  for false Christ’s to decieve us. also said that the Lord held the Church bound to  provide for the families of the absent Elders while proclaiming the Gospel: further  said that the God had often sealed up the heavens because of covetousness in the  Church. Said that the Lord would cut his work short in righteousness and  except the church recieve the fulness of the Scriptures that they would yet  fall. [p. 13]
Thirty-nine ministers of the Church of Christ assembled on 25 October 1831 at the home of Serenus Burnett, in Orange, Ohio, for what was called a “general conference.” The conference focused on the recently introduced office of high priest and the need for greater unity. Those present affirmed a willingness to consecrate their lives and possessions to the Lord’s work.
The conference also addressed the need to raise funds to support JS and his family while he was involved in the “translation” (revision) of the Bible. In the same spirit of sharing resources, JS encouraged those present to help the families of elders who were away serving missions.
These minutes appear in Minute Book 2, as copied into that record by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. Appointed church clerk and recorder 6 April 1838, Robinson apparently copied this text from minutes taken at the time of the conference in October 1831.