Minutes, 25–26 October 1831

Br. Peter Whitmer jr. said, ever since I my beloved brethren,  ever since I have had an acquaintance with the writing of God I  have [blank] eternity with perfect confidence
Br. Samuel Smith said that ever since he had set out to serve the  Lord, not to regard the favor of man but the favor of Heaven.
Br. Martin Harris said that he was anxious that all should be saved  &c. also read two verses in the book of Revelations, also covenanted to give  all for Christ’s sake.
Br. John Smith said that he felt through grace to do the will of  the Lord notwithstanding his extreme old age, also felt to covenant to give  all to the Lord.
Br. Daniel Stanton said that he had a long time since covenanted  to do the will of God in all things, and also said that it was his desire  to be sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise.
Br. David Whitmer said that he felt to declare to this conference  that he had consecrated all that was his to the Lord, and also was desirous to  do all for the glory of God.
Br. Simeon Carter said that he was thankful that he had been spared  & preserved to go to the land of Zion according to the commandment of the Lord,  for he received it as from his mouth & also thanked the Lord that his feet  had troden upon the consecrated ground which was the inheritance of the  Saints. Testified that the book of Mormon was true, Mourned because  of the falling away since he took his journey to the Land of Zion.
Br. Joseph Brackenberry said that he blessed the name of the Lord that he  could bear testimony of the truth of the book of Mormon, and also consecrated all  to God before he was baptized, he was also determined to go on to the end of  his life
Br. Levi Jackman said he gave all his ability to do the work of the Lord.
Br. Major N. Ashley said that it was by the help of the Lord that he had been  preserved, yet his greatest fear was for those who were weak in the faith.
Br. Wheeler Baldwin said that he rejoiced while he heard those give their testi mony who had been up to the land of Zion, said he had many times been directed  by the Spirit of God, also felt to do the will of the Lord in all things, &c.
Br. Joel Johnson said that he had professed religion for a number of years, also felt  to bear testimony of the goodness of God, and to consecrate all to the Lord. [p. 12]
Thirty-nine ministers of the Church of Christ assembled on 25 October 1831 at the home of Serenus Burnett, in Orange, Ohio, for what was called a “general conference.” The conference focused on the recently introduced office of high priest and the need for greater unity. Those present affirmed a willingness to consecrate their lives and possessions to the Lord’s work.
The conference also addressed the need to raise funds to support JS and his family while he was involved in the “translation” (revision) of the Bible. In the same spirit of sharing resources, JS encouraged those present to help the families of elders who were away serving missions.
These minutes appear in Minute Book 2, as copied into that record by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. Appointed church clerk and recorder 6 April 1838, Robinson apparently copied this text from minutes taken at the time of the conference in October 1831.