Minutes, 25–26 October 1831

Adjournment moved for by the moderator until evening.
The Clerk begged the privilege of laying before the Conference in the  evening the necessity of sending certain Elders to visit the Churches and obtain  means for the support of br. Joseph Smith jr. & those appointed to assist him in  writing & copying the fulness of the Scriptures, as was concluded upon in a conference  held in Hiram, Oct. 11. 1831. Conference adjourned, Prayer by br. Wm. E Mc.lellin.
Oliver Cowdery Clerk of Conference.
Conference commenced according to adjournment opened by singing, prayer by  br. Orson Hyde, singing again.
Brs. Orson Hyde Simeon Carter, Emer Harris & Hyrum Smith were appointed &  ordained, agreeably to a motion of the Clerk, to visit the churches agreeably to the  Conference of Oct. 11. 1831.
Br. Sidney Rigdon said it was the privilege of those Elders present  to be ordained to the High Priesthood, telling them that if they then should doubt God  would withdraw his Spirit from them.
The following Elders were then called seated & ordained by the Clerk, Viz:  David Whitmer Peter Whitmer jr. Silvester Smith Luke Johnson Burr  Riggs, Orson Hyde, Daniel Stanton Joseph Brockenbury William E  Mclellen, Major N Ashley, Stephen Burnett, Edmund Durfee  Levi Jackman, Emer Harris, Frederick G Williams, several brethren were  then called by the Clerk who were desirous to preach the gospel.
Br Joseph Smith Jr, was appointed to examine these brethren, presenting them selves for ordination, after prayer said that he had a testimony that each had one  tallent and if after being ordained they should hide it God would take it  from them; exhorted them to pray continually in meekness. Said that those who had  been previously ordained Priests would be ordained Elders, & the others would be  ordained Priests; the clerk then by appointment ordained br Lyman Johnson and  brs Calvin Stod[d]ard, Ezekiel Rider, William Scobey, Uziel Stephens, William Smith  William Cahoon, Albert Jackman, Stephen Strong, Calves Willson, Lumon [Luman]  Gibbs, Eleazer Willis Michael B. Welton Gideon Carter Priests.
Conference adjourned until 8 o’clock A.M. on 26th.
Conference Convened according to adjournment opened by singing “go on ye pilgrims,”  prayer by br. David Whitmer [p. 14]
Thirty-nine ministers of the Church of Christ assembled on 25 October 1831 at the home of Serenus Burnett, in Orange, Ohio, for what was called a “general conference.” The conference focused on the recently introduced office of high priest and the need for greater unity. Those present affirmed a willingness to consecrate their lives and possessions to the Lord’s work.
The conference also addressed the need to raise funds to support JS and his family while he was involved in the “translation” (revision) of the Bible. In the same spirit of sharing resources, JS encouraged those present to help the families of elders who were away serving missions.
These minutes appear in Minute Book 2, as copied into that record by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. Appointed church clerk and recorder 6 April 1838, Robinson apparently copied this text from minutes taken at the time of the conference in October 1831.