Minutes, 3 September 1837

Sunday 3rd. Sept 1837 Minutes of a  conference assembled in the house of  the Lord, in committee of the whole  at 9 O clock A. M. G[eorge] W. Robinson was  requested by Joseph Smith Jr to take the  proceedings of this meeting, The meeting  was opened by prayer by S[idney] Rigdon who  then introduced Joseph Smith Jr to the  congregation to know if he should  still act as their Pres. as the presiding  officer of the church, was chosen by a  unanimous vois [voice] of the same. Pres.  Smith then introduced Sidney Rigdon  & Frederick G. Williams for councillors to  Pres. Smith and together with him to  constitute the three first presidents of  the church, carried by a unanimous  vote, Pres. Smith then introduced O[liver]  Cowdery J[oseph] Smith Sen. Hyrum Smith, [p. 234]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 3 Sept. 1837; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in Minute Book 1, pp. 234–238; CHL.