Minutes, 4 April 1834

Kirtland April 4, 1834.
This evening a council of High Priests assembled  at the house of Bro. Joseph Smith Junr’s. to  re-consider the case of Bro. Geo. F James. Bro.  Joseph Smith Junr. presideing: Bro. Geo. then said,  that he had often promised to take up his cross &  magnify his calling, but had failed, and ought  to have written to bro. Joseph ere this time and given  him the information that his pecuniary affairs called  his attention at home which prevented his fulfilling  the promise he made to Bro. Joseph in going out  to proclaim the Gospel, and he sincerely asked pardon  of the Lord and of his brethren, and particularly  bro. Joseph. He also said he was willing to ask the  forgiveness of this church. He said, that relative to  certain charges, which were, that he had not attended  meetings, and had treated lightly some of the weak &c.  That he had attended meetings, generally, and as for  speaking or treating lightly any brother because of  of his weakness, was foreign from his mind and  was that which he had never done, nor could ever  find such principles in his bosome. Bro. Joseph said,  he had no hardness, he only wished bro. George  to consider this as a chastisement, and that the coun cil were bound to notice his conduct heretofore;  but now, if he, [bro. George,] was willing to walk  according to the new covenant, he should have  his hand of fellowship. The council then expressed  their satisfaction with bro. George’s confession.
Oliver Cowd[e]ry} Clerk of council [p. 48]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 4 Apr. 1834; handwriting of Orson Hyde; in Minute Book 1, p. 48; CHL.