Minutes, 7 November 1837

Far West. Mo. Tuesday Nov 7 1837
At a general assembly of the Church of Latter Day  Saints, assembled at Far. West, to take into consider ation and transact the business of said Church.
Elder Thomas B. Marsh was chosen Moderator;  and Oliver Cowdery Clerk.
After, singing, the Moderator addressed the  throne of grace in prayer, after which Prest. Sidney  Rigdon explained the object of the meeting, giving a relation  of the recent re-organization of the Church in Kirtland;  the minutes of said meeting were read by the Moderator,  who also nominated Joseph Smith jr. the first President  of the whole Church to preside over the Same. All  were requested (males and females) to vote— who was  unanimously chosen. He then made a few remarks.  accepting the appointment requesting the prayers of  the Church in his behalf.
President Smith then nominated Pres’t. Sidney  Rigdon to be one of his Counsellors— who was  unanimously chosen.
He then nominated Frederick G Williams to be his next  councillor who was objected to by Elder Lyman Wight in  a few remarks refering to a certain letter written to this  place by the said Frederick G Williams Also Elder Marsh  objected to Prest Williams Elder James Emmet[t] also objected to  Pres’t Williams [p. 82]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 7 Nov. 1837; handwriting of Ebenezer Robinson; in Minute Book 2, pp. 82–85; CHL.