Minutes, 8 September 1834

in a former council, between yourself & brother  Ambrose Palmer, informing us, that in a council where  brother A. Palmer presided, according to the office of his  appointment, as president of this branch of the church of  the Latter-Day-Saints. You, when requested by him to be seated  refused to submit to his decision, but spoke disrespectfully  of our brother, while acting in his calling, which has  occasioned a wound in this conference. It is the decision  of this conference that you come before the church (as  you are not present to do it at this conference) and make  the proper confession required in the Law of the Lord.  Why I say, disrespectfully, is because, when you were  requested to be seated and desist speaking, you said  that you had as much right to speak as he (brother  Palmer) had)
clerk of conference
of the Latter Day-Saints}
New-Portage Ohio Sept 8th 1834 [p. 74]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 8 Sept. 1834; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 49–51, 73–74; CHL.