Minutes, 9 November 1831

Minutes of a special Conference held in Hiram Nov 9 1831
Joseph Smith jrChristian Whitmer
Oliver CowderySidney Rigdon
John WhitmerWilliam E Mclelen [McLellin]
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]Luke Johnson, Lyman Johnson
Opened. prayer by br Oliver Cowdery Brs Silvester Hulett [Sylvester Hulet] and  John Noah expressed desires to preach the word if thought proper  by this conference Voted that these two brethren be ordained according to  the voice of the church in which they live. Closed. Prayer by Peter  Whitmer jr.
Minutes, Hiram, OH, 9 Nov. 1831; handwriting of Ebenezer Robinson; in Minute Book 2, p. 17; CHL.