Record of the Twelve, 14 February–28 August 1835

Record of the Twelve, 14 Feb.–28 Aug. 1835, as copied ca. late 1835 into “A record of the transactions of the Twelve apostles of the Church of the Latter Day Saints from the time of their call to the apostleship which was on the 14th. Day of Feby. AD 1835”; handwriting of Orson Hyde and William E. McLellin; twenty pages; verso of Patriarchal Blessings, vol. 2; CHL. Includes use marks and archival markings.
The Record of the Twelve was copied from original manuscripts, apparently retained by William E. McLellin,1

See William E. McLellin, Independence, MO, to D. H. Bays, Lafayette, MO, 24 May 1870, True Latter Day Saints’ Herald,15 Sept. 1870, 553.
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Saints’ Herald. Independence, MO. 1860–.

into a bound volume that was later used to record patriarchal blessings. The volume measures 1213/16 x 8⅛ x 1¼ inches (33 x 21 x 3 cm) and has 172 leaves measuring 12½ x 7⅞ inches (32 x 20 cm). The main body has fourteen gatherings of twelve leaves each. There are also two flyleaves in the front, two flyleaves in the back, and two pastedowns. All but the pastedowns and flyleaves are ruled paper with thirty-five horizontal lines in blue ink, now faded. The text block is sewn all along over recessed cords, and the front and back covers of the volume are millboard. The book has a tight-back case binding with a brown sheep- or calfskin quarter-leather binding. The outside covers are adorned in shell marbled paper, with green body and veins of red and blue. The Record of the Twelve was recorded on the first twelve leaves of the volume. In the back of the volume, 120 leaves were used to record patriarchal blessings, leaving 40 blank leaves between the two records. The front cover of the book is labeled “R. T.”—presumably for “Record of the Twelve”—in black ink. The inside front cover has “Y B | B | Book.” written in ink and “L/P | POC | 12/=” written in graphite. Similar markings appear in at least three other extant volumes.2

See JS Letterbook 1; Minute Book 1; and Revelation Book 2.
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JS Letterbook 1 / Smith, Joseph. “Letter Book A,” 1832–1835. Joseph Smith Collection. CHL.

Minute Book 1 / “Conference A,” 1832–1837. CHL. Also available at josephsmithpapers.org.

Revelation Book 2 / “Book of Revelations,” 1832–1834. Revelations Collection, 1831–ca. 1844, 1847, 1861, ca. 1876. CHL.

Three labels pasted on the spine, apparently in Utah, read “RECORD of the TWELVE”, “PATRIARCHAL BLESSINGS BY JOSEPH SMITH S”, and “Vol. 2 | Patriarchal | Blessings”.
The rectos of each of the two front flyleaves were used as title pages for the Record of the Twelve. Before each of the titles was inscribed in ink, these pages were ruled in graphite. The record itself was inscribed in black ink on twenty pages. The record is in the handwriting of Orson Hyde except for the entries for 23 and 25 May (pages 12–13), which were inscribed by William E. McLellin. Hyde wrote page numbers at the top of each page except page 20. Use marks were made in graphite pencil on the record when it was used later as a source text for JS’s multivolume manuscript history of the church. In the 1840s, the book was turned over so that the back cover became the front and the last page became the first. This side of the book was used by Thomas Bullock to record patriarchal blessings. The cover is labeled “2”, indicating that it was the second volume in a series of patriarchal blessing books. The volume is listed on Nauvoo, Illinois, and early Utah inventories of church records, indicating continuous custody.3

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