Revelation, 12 August 1831 [D&C 61]

64 Commandment
given Aug 12th. 1831  on the Bank of the River Distruction (or Missorie) unfolding  some mysteries &c &c——
Behold & hearken unto him the voice of him who hath all power who is  from everlasting to everlasting even alpha & omega the begining & the  end Behold verily thuss saith the lord unto you O ye Elders of my  Church who are assembled upon this spot whose sins are now forgiven  you for I the Lord forgiveth sins & am mercyfull unto those who confess  their sins with humble hearts but verily I say unto you that it is not  needfull for this whole company of mine Elders to be moveing swiftly  upon the waters whilst the Inhabitants on either sides are perishing  in unbelief nevertheless I suffered it that ye might bear record Behold  there are many dangers upon the waters & more especially hereafte r for I the Lord have decreed in mine anger many distructions  upon the waters yea & especially upon these waters nevertheless  all flesh is in mine hand he that is faithfull among you shall  not perish by the waters wherefore it is expedient that my servent  Sidney Gilbert & <my servent> William [W.] Phelps be in haste upon their errand  & mission nevertheless I would not suffer that ye should part  untill ye you are chastened for all your sins that you might be one  that you might not perish in wickedness but now verily I say it [p. 101]
Revelation, [Bank of the Missouri River, McIlwaine’s Bend], 12 Aug. 1831; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, pp. 101–103; CHL.