Revelation, 15 May 1831

53 Commandment May 15th. 1831
Hearken unto my words & behold I will make known  unto you what ye shall do as it shall be pleasing unto me for verily  I say unto you it must needs be that ye let the bargain stand that  ye have made concerning these farms untill it be so fulfilled  Behold ye are holden for the one even so likewise thine advisary is  holden for the other wherefore it must needs be that ye pay no more  money for the present time untill the contract be fulfilled & let  my Servent Joseph [Smith Sr.] & his family go into the House after thine adv isary is gone & let my Servent Ezra board with him & let all the  Brethren immediately assemble together & put up an house for  my Servent Ezra & let my Servents Frederick [G. Williams]’s family remain  & let the house be repaired & their wants be supplied & when my  Servent Frederick returns from the west Behold he taketh his  family to the west Let that which belongeth to my Servent  Frederick be secured unto him by deed or bond & thus he willeth  that the Brethren reap the good thereof let my Servent Joseph [Smith Sr.]  govern the things of the farm & provide for the families & let  him have help in as much as he standeth in need let my servent  Ezra humble himself & at the conference meeting he shall be ordained  unto power from on high & he shall go from thence (if he be obedi ent unto my commandments) & proclaim my Gospel unto the weste rn regions with my Servents that must go forth even unto the bord ers of the Lamanit[e]s for Behold I have a great work for them to do  & it shall be given unto you to know what ye shall do at the conferenc[e]  meeting even so Amen——
What shall the Brethren do with their money——
Ye shall go forth & seek dilligently among the Brethren &  obtain lands & save the money that it may be consecrated to purc chase lands in the west for an everlasting enheritance
even So Amen [p. 85]
This uncanonized revelation dealt primarily with the use of the Kirtland, Ohio, land owned by Frederick G. Williams. At the time, Williams was in Missouri with Oliver Cowdery and three other elders, whom he had accompanied west on a mission to preach to the American Indians.
Williams had said that he was willing to allow some of the  church members emigrating from New York  to settle on his land. However, Williams did not yet have clear title to the property, and this revelation directed Williams to secure it by deed or bond. It also encouraged the families of Joseph Smith Sr. and Ezra Thayer to move onto Williams’s land. As events unfolded, however, only some of the arrangements envisioned in this revelation could be carried out.
John Whitmer copied this text, addressed to Ezra Thayer and Joseph Smith Sr., into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “53 Commandment May 15th 1831,” sometime between May and June 1831. Frederick G. Williams also copied the text into Revelation Book 2, probably in August 1834. The document does not appear in the 1833 Book of Commandments or the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants.