Revelation, 16 April 1830 [D&C 22]

24 Commandment AD 1830
A Revelation given to Joseph the Seer Some were  anxious to Join the Church they without Rebaptism & Joseph  enquired of the Lord & he received as follows
A commandment unto the Church of Christ which  was established in these day last days one thousand eight  hundred & thirty on the forth month & on the sixth day of  the month which is called April Behold I say unto you that  all old covenants have I called caused to be done away in  this thing & this is a New & an everlasting covenant even  wherefore the same which was from the begining wherefore although a  man shouldest be baptized an hundred times it availeth  him nothing for ye cannot enter into the strait gate  by the law of Moses neither by your dead works for it  is because of your dead works that I have caused this  last covenant & this church to be built up unto me even  as in days of old wherefore enter ye in at the at gate as  I have commanded & seek not to Council your God [p. 32]
This brief revelation, dictated shortly after the church was organized, discussed the necessity of rebaptism for those joining the Church of Christ. This direction challenged the conventional Protestant practice that deemed rebaptism or reconfirmation as unnecessary when a previously baptized Christian sought admission to a religious society.
The earliest extant text for this revelation appears in Revelation Book 1, copied by John Whitmer between March and June 1831. Other early iterations appeared in “The Mormon Creed,” The Telegraph (Painesville, Ohio), 19 April 1831; Sidney Gilbert’s notebook of revelations; and a William E. McLellin manuscript.