Revelation, 2 August 1833–B [D&C 94]

pattern in all things as it shall be given unto you, and on the third  lot shall my servent Hiram [Hyrum Smith] receive his inheritance and on the first  and second lots on the north shall my servents Reynolds Cahoon and  Jared Carter receive their inheritance that they may do the work which  I have appointed unto them to be a committee to build my house  according to the commandment which I the Lord God have given unto  you and now I give unto you no more at this time. [p. [3]]
By summer 1833, the church’s leadership in Ohio had drawn a plat for the City of Zion to be built in Missouri. This revelation called for a similar enterprise to be undertaken in Kirtland, Ohio, and specified the construction of two additional buildings—one for a printing operation and a “house” for the presidency. A committee was also appointed to oversee the buildings’ construction.
This revelation and another of the same date were included in a 6 August 1833 letter sent by Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, and JS to church leaders in Missouri. Edward Partridge received the letter. Williams copied the revelation’s text, the setting of which was identified as “Kirtland 2d. of August 1833,” into Revelation Book 2 sometime between August 1833 and August 1834. John Whitmer recorded the transcript in Revelation Book 1 without a specific identification. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants includes this revelation.