Revelation, 2 January 1831 [D&C 38]

Virtue of the blood which I have spilt have I pled before  the Father for them but Behold the residue of the wicked  have I kept in Chains of darkness untill the Judgement  of the great day which shall come at the end of the  Earth & even so will I cause the wicked that will not  hear my voice but harden their hearts & wo, wo,  is their doom But Behold Verily Verily I say unto you  that mine eyes are upon you I am in your midst  & ye cannot see me but the day soon cometh that  ye shall see me & know that I am for the chains <vails> of  vails of darkness shall soon be rent & he that is not  purified shall not abide the day wherefore gird  up your loins & be prepared Behold the Kingdom  is yours & the enemy shall not overcome Verily I  say unto you that ye are clean but not all &  there is none else with whoom I am well pleased for  all flesh is corruptabl before me & the powers of dark ness prevail upon the Earth among the Children of  men in the presence of all the host <of> Heaven which  causeth silence to reign & all eternity is pained &  the Angels are waiting the great command

Generally, a divine mandate that church members were expected to obey; more specifically, a text dictated by JS in the first-person voice of deity that served to communicate knowledge and instruction to JS and his followers. Occasionally, other inspired texts...

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to Reap  down the Earth to gether the tears [tares] that they may be  burned & Behold the enemy is combined & now I shew  unto you a Mystery a thing which is had in seecret  Chambers to bring to pass even your distruction in  process of time & ye knew it not but now I tell it <unto> you  & ye are blessed not because of your iniquity neither  your hearts of unbelief, for Verily <some of> ye you are guilty before me  Therefore be ye strong from henceforth fear not for  the Kingdom is yours & for your Salvation I gave it  unto you a commandment for I have heard your prayers  & the poor have complained before me & the rich have I  made & all flesh is mine & I am no respector to & I  persons & I have made the earth rich & Behold it is  my footstool Wherefore again I will stand upon it  & I hold forth & deign to give unto you greater [p. 50]
A revelation in September 1830 first proclaimed a central gathering of church members in one place. With continuing opposition in New York

Located in northeast region of U.S. Area settled by Dutch traders, 1620s; later governed by Britain, 1664–1776. Admitted to U.S. as state, 1788. Population in 1810 about 1,000,000; in 1820 about 1,400,000; in 1830 about 1,900,000; and in 1840 about 2,400,...

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and word of growing numbers of members in Ohio

French explored area, 1669. British took possession following French and Indian War, 1763. Ceded to U.S., 1783. First permanent white settlement established, 1788. Northeastern portion maintained as part of Connecticut, 1786, and called Connecticut Western...

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, a move to Ohio seemed attractive. This revelation was the second of two (see also Revelation, 30 December 1830 [D&C 37]) that instructed JS and other members to assemble in Ohio.
John Whitmer

27 Aug. 1802–11 July 1878. Farmer, stock raiser, newspaper editor. Born in Pennsylvania. Son of Peter Whitmer Sr. and Mary Musselman. Member of German Reformed Church, Fayette, Seneca Co., New York. Baptized by Oliver Cowdery, June 1829, most likely in Seneca...

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copied this text into Revelation Book 1 as “41st Commandment AD Jan 2nd 1831” sometime between March and June 1831. The 1833 Book of Commandments dates this revelation to January 1831 at Fayette Township

Located in northern part of county between Seneca and Cayuga lakes. Area settled, by 1790. Officially organized as Washington Township, 14 Mar. 1800. Name changed to Fayette, 6 Apr. 1808. Population in 1830 about 3,200. Population in 1840 about 3,700. Significant...

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, New York, as does the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants.