Revelation, 20 July 1831 [D&C 57]

Obtain provisions12

A May 1831 revelation directed that an agent be appointed to take money consecrated to the church and “provide food & raiment according to the wants of this people.” (Revelation, 20 May 1831 [D&C 51:8].)  

& whatsoever things the Deciples may need to  plant them in their inheritance13

See Exodus 15:17.  

& also let my servents Sidney  obtain license (behold here is wisdom & whoso readeth let him under stand) that he may send goods also unto the lamanites  even by whom he will as clerks employed in his service & thus  the gospel may be preached unto them14

Oliver Cowdery and the others appointed to preach the gospel to the American Indians had been ordered off Indian lands; this revelation therefore provided another means for proselytizing. Ezra Booth, who arrived in Missouri just a few days after JS, later explained this provision as follows: “‘the Lord’s store-house,’ is to be furnished with goods suited to the Indian trade, and persons are to obtain license from the government to dispose of them to the Indians in their own territory; at the same time, they are to disseminate the principles of Mormonism among them.” Booth further claimed, “In addition to this, and to co-operate with it, it has been made known by revelation, that it will be pleasing to the Lord, should they form a matrimonial alliance with the Natives; and by this means the Elders, who comply with the thing so pleasing to the Lord, and for which the Lord has promised to bless those who do it abundantly, gain a residence in the Indian territory, independent of the agent.” Three decades later, William W. Phelps also recounted that JS dictated a revelation to this effect. (Ezra Booth, “Mormonism—Nos. VIII–IX,” Ohio Star [Ravenna], 8 Dec. 1831, [1]; William W. Phelps to Brigham Young, 12 Aug. 1861, Revelations Collection, CHL.)
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And again verily I say unto  you let my servent William [W. Phelps] also be planted in this place & be  established as a Printer unto the Church & lo. if the world receiveth  his writings (behold this is wisdom) let him obtain whatsoever  he can <obtain> in righteousness for the good of the saints. And let my  servents Oliver [Cowdery] assist him even as I have commanded in Whatsoever  place I shall appoint unto him to copy & to correct & select &c15

A June 1831 revelation instructed Phelps, who had previously worked as a newspaper editor, to “assist my servent Oliver to do the work of Printing & of Selecting & writing Books for Schools in this Church.” (Van Orden, “‘By That Book,’” 208; Revelation, 14 June 1831 [D&C 55:4].)
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that  all things may be right before me as it shall be proved by the  Spirit through him & thus let those of whom I have spoken be  planted in the Land of Zion as speedily as can be with their  families to do these things even as I have spoken And concer ning the gethering let the bishop & the agent make preperations  for thse families which have been commanded to come to this  land as soon as posible & plant them in their inheritance16

Aside from the Partridge, Gilbert, and Phelps families, the only families who had been commanded to migrate to this point were church members originally from Colesville, New York, who had relocated to Ohio. A June 1831 revelation instructed these members to continue to the western Missouri border. (Revelation, 10 June 1831 [D&C 54:8].)  

& unto  the residue of both Elders & members further directions shall be  given hereafter even So Amen—— [p. 94]
Revelation, Independence, Jackson Co., MO, 20 July 1831. Featured version, titled “60 Commandment,” copied [ca. Sept. 1831] in Revelation Book 1, pp. 93–94; handwriting of John Whitmer; CHL. Includes redactions.