Revelation, 22–23 September 1832 [D&C 84]

strength and truth is established in her bowels and the heavens hath smiled upon  her and she is clothed with the glory of her God for he standeth in the midst of  his people, glory and honor and power and might be ascribed to our god for  he is full of mercy Justice grace and truth and peace for ever and ever  Amen——
And again verily verily I say unto you it is expedient that evry man  who goes forth to proclaim mine everlasting gospel that in asmuch as they  have families and receive monies by gift they should send it unto them  or make use of it for there benifit as the Lord shall direct them for thus it  seemeth me good and let all those who have not families who receive  monies send it up unto the Bishop in Zion or unto the Bishop in Ohio  that it may be consecrated for the bringing forth of the revelations and  the printing thereof and for establishing of Zion and if any shall give  unto any of you a coat, or a suit take the old and cast it unto the poor  and go your way rejoicing and if any man among you be strong in the  spirit let him take with him he that is weak that he may be edefied  in all meekness that he may become strong also therefore take with you  those who are ordained unto the lesser Priesthood, and send them before  you to make appointments and to prepare the way, and to fill ap pointments that yourselves are not able to fill, behold this is the way th at mine Apostles in ancient days built up my church unto me, therefore let  evry man stand in his own office, and labour in his own calling and  let not the head say unto the feet it hath no need of the feet for without the feet how shall the body be able to stand, also the body hath need  of evry member that all may be edefied together that the systim may  be kept perfect, and behold the high Priesthood should travel also and  and also the Elders and also the lesser Priests, but the Teacher and deacons  should be appointed to watch over the church to be a standing minister unto  the church, and the Bishop also should travel round about and among all  the churches searching after the poor to administer to ther wants by humbling  the rich and the proud he should also imploy an agent for to take charge  of and to do his seccular business as he shall direct nevertheless let the Bishop go  unto the city of New York and also to the city of Albany and also to the city of  Boston and warn the people of those cities with the sound of the gospel with a  loud voice of the desolation and utter abolishment which awaits them if they  do reject these things, for if they do reject these things the hour of thei[r] Jodgment is  nigh and there house shall be left unto them dessolate, let him trust in me  and he shall not be confounded and an hair of his head shall not fall to  the ground unnoticed, but <any> <and> verily I say unto you the rest of my servants go ye  forth as your circumstances shall permit in your several callings unto the great  and notable cities and villages reprooving the world in righteousness  of <all> ther unrighteous and ungodly deeds setting forth clearly and [p. [5]]
This revelation, among the more lengthy at the time, was early considered to be of both practical and theological importance. It begins with a reminder of the expansive commission to gather the saints and to build Zion, a New Jerusalem, in Missouri, but the text also chastises the church for failing to live up to its high purpose. Passages herein on priesthood order and responsibilities connected authority to priesthood anciently but also had practical implications as the church expanded administratively. For example, an explanation of the “greater” and the “lesser” priesthoods, followed by an outline of the duties of various officers of these priesthoods (elder, bishop, teacher, deacon) suggested procedure and structure.
Several of the instructions included in this revelation were related to the priority of missionary service or proselytizing. High priests were given a ministerial charge similar to what Christ gave his apostles anciently. Elders and high priests were assigned to travel as missionaries, while teachers and deacons were assigned to serve as “standing ministers” in local congregations. Missionaries were to travel without purse or scrip.
Frederick G. Williams probably wrote this text in late September 1832, perhaps for JS and Newel K. Whitney to take with them on a trip to the east the following month. John Whitmer included it in Revelation Book 1 with the designation “A Revelation given at Kirtland September 22 & 23, 1832.” JS and Williams also copied the revelation into Revelation Book 2, probably in fall 1832, as “A Revelation given 22 & 23d. of Sept. 1832.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation with a date of 22-23 September 1832 but no location.