Revelation, 25 January 1832–B [D&C 75:23–36]

At a conference in Amherst, Ohio, on 25 January 1832, church officers conducted business and received missionary assignments. This revelation commissioned twelve pairs of missionaries and specified their particular assignments. JS was also sustained as president of the church’s high priesthood.
The three extant manuscript versions indicate that this text originated with two revelations dictated the same day. Sidney Rigdon recorded this revelation, possibly during the conference. It was retained by Newel K. Whitney. Samuel Smith and Orson Hyde also made a copy of this revelation between 25 January and 1 February 1832 in Hyde’s collection of revelations. John Whitmer copied the text into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “79 A Revelation given at Amherst in a conference held there to ten Elders. January 25. 1832.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included this revelation, giving the date of January 1832 but no location.