Revelation, 3 November 1835

and wait on me in patience and my servant  William shall return, and I will yet make him  a polished shaft in my quiver, in bringing  down the wickedness and abominations of  men and their shall be none mightier  than he in his day and generation, neverthe less if he repent not spedily he shall be brou ght low and shall be chastened sorely for  all his iniquities he has commited against me,  nevertheless the sin which he hath sined against  me is not even now more grevious than the  sin with which my servant David W. Patten  and my servant Orson Hyde and my serv ant Wm E. McLellen [McLellin] have sinded against  me, and the residue are not sufficiently  humble before me, behold the parable which  I spake concerning a man having twelve Sons,  for what man amon[g] you having twelve Sons  and is no respecter to them and they serve  him obediantly and he saith unto the  one be thou clothed in robes and sit thou  here, and to the other be thou clothed in  rages [rags] and sit thou there, and looketh upon  his sons and saith I am just, ye will answer  and say no man, and ye answer truly,  therefore Verily thus saith the Lord your God  I appointed these twelve that they should be  equal in their ministry and in their porti on and in their evangelical rights, wherefore  they have sined a verry grevious sin, in as much as they have made themselves unequ al and have not hearkned unto my voice  therfor let them repent speedily and pre pare their hearts for the solem assembly [p. 18]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 3 Nov. 1835; handwriting of Warren Parrish; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 17–19; JS Collection, CHL.