Revelation, 4 December 1831–B [D&C 72:9–23]

administering the gospel and the things of the kingdom unto the  church and unto the world shall answer the debt unto the Bishop  in Zion thus it cometh out of the church for according to the law  every man who cometh up to Zion must lay all things before the  Bishop in Zion. And now verily I say unto you that as every  Elder in this part of the vinyard must give an account of his  stewardship unto the Bishop in this part of the vinyard a certifi cate from the judge or Bishop in this part of the vinyard unto  the Bishop in Zion rendereth every man acceptable and answereth all  things for an inheritence and to be received as a wise steward and as a  faithfull labourer otherwise shall not be accepted of the Bishop  in Zion. And now verily I say unto you let every Elder who shall  give an account unto the Bishop of the church in this part of the  vinyard be recommended by the church or churches in which he labours  that he may render himself and his accounts approved in all things
And again let my servents who are appointed as stewards over the  litterary concerns of my church have claim for assistence in all things  upon the Bishop or Bishops in all things that the revelations may  be published and go forth unto the ends of the earth that they also  may obtain funds which shall benefit the church in all  things that they also may render themselves approved in all things  and be accounted as wise stewards. And behold this shall be  an ensample for all the extensive branches of my church in  whatsoever land they shall be established and now I make an  end of my sayings Amen [p. [2]]
Revelation, Kirtland Township, OH, 4 Dec. 1831; handwriting of Sidney Rigdon; two pages; Newel K. Whitney, Papers, BYU.