Revelation, 4 November 1830 [D&C 34]

37th Commandment AD 1830
A Commandment to Orson [Pratt] his call to the ministery &c  given at Fayette Seneca county State of New York
My Son Orson hearken ye & Behold what I the Lord God  say unto you even Jesus Christ your Redeemer the light & the  life of the world & a light which shineth in darkness & the  darkness Comprehendeth it not who so loved the world that  he gave his own life that as many as would believe might  become the Sons & daughter[s] of God Wherefore ye are my Son &  blessed are ye because ye have believed & more blessed are  ye because ye are called of me to Preach my Gospel to lift  up your voice as with a the sound of a Trump both long  & loud & cry repentance to a crooked & perverse generation prepareing  the way of the Lord for his second Coming for Behold Verily Verily  I say unto you the time is soon at hand that I will come in a  cloud with power & great glory & it shall be a great day at the [p. 45]
Nineteen-year-old Orson Pratt met JS in November 1830. Six weeks earlier, Pratt had been baptized by his brother Parley and then called to preach. Anxious to learn his duty, he then visited JS. Directed by this revelation to preach boldly, Pratt departed by 2 December 1830 for Colesville (now Nineveh), New York, to fulfill his first church mission.
John Whitmer copied this text into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “37th Commandment AD 1830,” sometime between March and June 1831. The 1833 Book of Commandments dates this revelation to November 1830 at Fayette Township, New York. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants gives the same date but no location.