Revelation, 6 June 1831 [D&C 52]

Taught them by the Comforter through the prayer of faith[.] let them  go two by two & thus let them Preach by [the] way in every congregation  Baptizing by water & the laying on the hands by the water side for  thus sayeth the lord I will cut my work short in righteousness  for the days cometh that I will send forth Judgement unto victory  & let my Servent Lyman be aware for Satan desireth to sift him  as Chaff & behold he that is faithfull shall be made ruler over many  things & again I will give unto you a Pattern in all things  that ye may not be deceived for Satan is abroad in the land &  he goeth forth deceiveing the Nations wherefore he that prayeth  whose spirit is contrite the same is accepted of me if he obey  mine ordinances[.] he that speaketh whose spirit is contrite whose  language in is meek & edifieth the Same is of God if he obey  mine ordinances & again he that trembeleth under my power  shall be made strong & shall bring forth fruits of Praise &  wisdom according to the Revelations & truths which I have  given you & again he that is overcome & bringeth not forth  fruits even according to this Pattern is not of me wherefore  by this Pattern ye shall know all the spirits in all cases  under the whole Heavens & the days have come according to  mens faith it shall be done unto them behold this command ment is given unto all the Elders whom I have chosen &  again verily I say unto you let my Servents Thomas [B.] (Marsh)  & my Servent Ezra (Thayer) take their Journey also preaching the  word by the way unto this same land & again let my servent  Isaac (Morl[e]y) & my Servent Ezra (Booth) take their Journey also  preaching the word by the way to the same land let my Servent  Edward (Pa[r]tridge) & Martin (Harris) take their Journey with my  servents Sidney & Joseph let my Servent David (Whitmer) & Harvey  Whitlock also take their Journey & preach by the way let my  Servent Parly (Pratt) [Parley P. Pratt] & Or[s]on (Pratt) also take their Journey &  Preach by the way unto this same land & my Servent Solomon  (Hancock) & simeon (Carter) also take their Journey to the same  land & preach by the way let my Servent Edson (Fuller) & Jacob  (Schott [Scott]) also take their Journey let my servent Levi Hancock & Zebedee  (Coltrin) take their Journey let my Servent Reynolds (Cahoon) [p. 88]
In June 1831, a church conference brought together nearly all of those ordained to the priesthood in the year-old Church of Christ. During the conference a series of important events took place, including dramatic spiritual experiences and the first ordinations to the new office of high priest. At the conference’s close this revelation directed many of the elders present to undertake a journey to Missouri, where the location of Zion was expected to be revealed. Zion was the New Jerusalem, to which church members were to gather.
John Whitmer copied this text, addressed to the church elders, into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “55th Commandment given at Kirtland June 6th 1831,” sometime during June 1831. Symonds Rider also copied the text in June 1831. The 1833 Book of Commandments dates the revelation to June 1831 at Kirtland, while the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants gives the same date but no location.