Revelation, 7 December 1830 [D&C 35]

Say unto you tarry with him & he shall Journey  with thee forsake him not & shurely these things shall  be fulfilled & in as much as ye do not write behold it  shall be given him to prophecy & thou shalt Preach my  gospel & call on the Holy Prophets to prove his words  as they shall be given him keep all the commandments  & covenants by which ye are bound & I will cause the  Heavens to shake for your Good & satan shall tremble &  Zion shall rejoice upon the Hills & florish & Israel shall  be saved in mine own due time & by the Keys which have  shall been given shall they be led & no more be confoun ded at all[.] lift up your hearts & be Glad your redemption  draweth nigh fear not little flock the Kingdom is yours  untill I come Behold I come quickly even so amen [p. 48]
A few weeks after his baptism in fall 1830, Sidney Rigdon journeyed from Ohio to New York with Edward Partridge to visit JS, arriving in early December 1830. This revelation was directed to JS and Rigdon. The revelation acknowledged Rigdon’s previous ministerial labors in the denomination called the “Disciples of Christ” and hinted at even greater things ahead. It also appointed him to write for JS. Rigdon remained in New York at JS’s side for the next two months, until JS moved to Ohio.
John Whitmer copied this text into Revelation Book 1 as “38th Commandment AD 1830 Decm 7th” sometime between March and June 1831. David Whitmer made a copy of this revelation sometime in May or June 1831. A published version appeared in the The Telegraph (Painesville, Ohio) on 17 January 1831, as well as in the Ravenna Ohio Star on 4 January 1832. The 1833 Book of Commandments dates this revelation to December 1830 at Fayette Township, New York, as does the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants.