Revelation, 8 March 1833 [D&C 90]

by the administration of the comforter shed forth upon  them for the revelation of Jesus Christ and now verely  I say unto you I give unto you a commandment  that you continue in this ministry and presidency  and when you have finished the translation of the  prophets you shall from them <thence> forth preside over  the affairs of the Church and the School and from  time to time as shall be manifest by the com foter receive revelations to unfold the mystres [mysteries]  of the kingdom and set in order the churches  and study and Learn and become acquainted  with all good books and with Languages tongues  and people &c &c and this shall be your business  and mission in all your Lives to preside in council  and set in order all the affairs of this Church and  kingdom be not ashamed neither confounded  but be admonished in all your high mindedness  and pride for it bringeth a snare upon your  souls set in order your houseses keep slothfulness  and uncleanliness far from you now verily I say  unto you let there be a place provided as soon  as it is possable for you for the family of thy coun cellor & scribe even Frederick and <let> mine Aged serv ant Joseph [Smith Sr.] continue with his family upon the  place <where he now lives> and let it not be sold untill the mouth  of the Lord shall name and let thy councellor  even Sidney remain where he now resides  untill the mouth of the Lord shall name <and>  let the Bishop search dilligently to obtain an  agent and let it be a man who has got riches  in store a man of God and of strong faith that  thereby he may be enabled to discharge evry  debt that the store house of the Lord may not  be brought in to disrepute before the eyes of  the people search diligently pray always and  be believing and all things shall work together  for your good if ye walk uprightly and remem ber the covenant where with ye have covenanted [p. [2]]
This revelation marked an important step in the development of the church’s principal governing council, the First Presidency. A March 1832 revelation had indicated that JS was to be assisted by two counselors; that same month he ordained Jesse Gause and Sidney Rigdon. This revelation directed that JS’s current counselors, Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams (who had replaced Gause), be made equal with him in holding the keys of the kingdom and directing church affairs.
Williams recorded a copy of this revelation, perhaps from the original dictation copy, as early as March 1833. The text is designated “A Commandment given unto Joseph.” Williams also recorded the text in Revelation Book 2 about the same time with the designation “Revelation given Kirtland 8th March 1833.” Oliver Cowdery later copied the revelation into Revelation Book 1. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants included the text with a date of 8 March 1833 but did not give a location.