Revelation, 9 May 1831 [D&C 50]

you what ye shall ask & as ye are appointed to the  head The spirits shall be subject unto you wherefore it  shall come to pass that if ye behold a spirit manifested that  ye cannot understand & you receive not that spirit ye shall  ask of the father in the name of Jesus & if he gave give not  unto you that spirits then ye may know that it is not  of God & it shall be given unto you power that spi over  that spirit & you shall proclaim against that spirit with  a loud voice that it is not of God not with railing accusa tion that ye be not over come neither with boasting nor  rejoicing lest you be seased [seized] therewith he that receiveth of  God let it [him] account it of God & let him rejoice that he  is accounted of God worthy to receive & by giving heed  & doing these things which ye have received & which ye  shall hereafter receive the Kingdom is given unto  you of the father & power to over come all things which  is not ordained of him & Behold verily I say unto you  blessed are you that hear these words of mine from the  mouth of my servent for your sins are forgiven you  Let my Servent Joseph [Wakefield] in whom I am well pleased  & my servent Parley [P. Pratt] go forth among the Churches &  strengthen them by the word of exhortation & also my servent  John [Corrill] or as many of my servents as are ordained unto  this office & let them labour in the vinyard & let no  man hinder them of doing that which I have appointed  unto them wherefore in this thing my Servent Edward [Partridge]  is not Justified nevertheless let him repent & he shall be  forgiven—— Behold ye are little Children & ye cannot bear  all things now ye must grow in grace & in the know ledge of the truth fear not little children for you are mine  & I have overcome the world & you are of them which my  father hath given me & none of them which my father hath  given me shall be lost & the father & I are one I am in  the father & the father in me & I in you as much as ye  have received me ye are in me & am I in you wherefore I  am in your midst & I am the good shepherd [p. 84]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 9 May 1831; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, pp. 82–85; CHL.