Revelation, September 1830–C [D&C 30:1–4]

31 Commandment AD 1830
A commandment to David [Whitmer] tellilg [telling] him that he  feared man more than god &c given at fayette Seneca  County New York
Behold I say unto you David that thou hast feared man  & hast not relyed upon me for strength as thou hast  ought But thy mind has been on the things of Earth  more than on the things of me thy Maker & the ministery  whereunto thou hast been called & thou hast not given  heed unto my Spirit & to those who were set over thee  But hast been persuaded by those whom I have  not commanded wherefore thou art left to enquire for  thy self at my hand & ponder upon the things which  you have Received & thy home shall be at thy fathers  house until I give unto thee further commandment  & thou shalt attend to the ministery in the Church  & before the world & in these regions round about amen [p. 42]
Revelation, Fayette, NY, Sept. 1830; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, p. 42; CHL.