Revelation, September 1830–C [D&C 30:1–4]

31 Commandment AD 1830
A commandment to David [Whitmer] tellilg [telling] him that he  feared man more than god &c given at fayette Seneca  County New York
Behold I say unto you David that thou hast feared man  & hast not relyed upon me for strength as thou hast  ought But thy mind has been on the things of Earth  more than on the things of me thy Maker & the ministery  whereunto thou hast been called & thou hast not given  heed unto my Spirit & to those who were set over thee  But hast been persuaded by those whom I have  not commanded wherefore thou art left to enquire for  thy self at my hand & ponder upon the things which  you have Received & thy home shall be at thy fathers  house until I give unto thee further commandment  & thou shalt attend to the ministery in the Church  & before the world & in these regions round about amen [p. 42]
Either during or near the time of the church’s second conference, three of the Whitmer brothers, David, Peter Jr., and John, received both ministerial assignments and personal counsel. This revelation was specifically addressed to David Whitmer.
John Whitmer recorded a copy of this text in Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “31 Commandment 1830,” sometime between March and June 1831. The 1833 Book of Commandments assigns the date of September 1830. In the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants, this text is combined with revelations addressed to Peter Whitmer Jr. and John Whitmer and again dated September 1830.