Revelation, September 1830–D [D&C 30:5–8]

32nd Commandment AD 1830
A Revelation to Peter [Whitmer Jr.] his calling to the Lamanites &c  given at Fayette Seneca County state of New York
Behold I say unto you Peter that thou shalt take thy  Journey with thy Brother oliver [Cowdery] for the time has come that  it is expedient in me that thou shalt open thy mouth  to declare my Gospel Therefore fear not but give heed unto  the words & advice of thy Brother which he shall give thee  & be thou afflicted in all his afflictions ever lifting thy  heart up unto me in prayer & faith for thine & his deliv erance for I have given unto him to build my Church  among thy Brethren the Lamanites & none have I appointed  to be over him in the Church except it is his Brother  Joseph wherefore give heed unto those <these> things & be  dilligent in keeping my commandments & thou shalt  be blessed unto eternal life & thus it is amen— [p. 42]
Either during or near the time of the church’s second conference, three of the Whitmer brothers, David, Peter Jr., and John, received both ministerial assignments and personal counsel. This revelation was specifically addressed to Peter Jr., who was assigned to accompany Oliver Cowdery on a journey among the American Indians. Early church members often referred to Indians as “Lamanites” because they associated them with a Book of Mormon people identified by the same name.
John Whitmer recorded a copy of this text in Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “31 Commandment 1830,” sometime between March and June 1831. The 1833 Book of Commandments assigns the date of September 1830. In the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants, Chapter LII, this text is combined with revelations addressed to David and John Whitmer and again dated September 1830.