Rules and Regulations, 14 January 1836

1st— It is according to the rules and regula tions of all regular and legal organized  bodies to have a president to keep order.—
2ond— The body thus organized are under  obligation to be in subjection to that auth ority—
3d— When a congregation assembles in this  house they shall submit to the follow ing rules, that due respect may be pa id to the order of the worship—viz.
1st— no man shall be interupted who  is appointed to speak by the presidency  of the Church, by any disorderly person  or persons in the congregation, by whisper ing by laughing by talking by men acing Jestures by getting up and run ning out in a disorderly manner  or by offering indignity to the manner  of worship or the religion or to any off icer of said church while officiating  in his office in any wise whatever by  any display of ill manners or ill bree ding from old or young rich or poor  male or female bond or free black or  white believer or unbeliever and if  any of the above insults are offered  such measures will be taken as are  lawful to punish the aggressor or  aggressors and eject them out of  the house
2ond— An insult offered to the presidency <presid ing> Elder of said Church, shall be  concidered an insult to the whole [p. 111]
Rules and Regulations, Kirtland, OH, 14 Jan. 1836; handwriting of Warren Parrish; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 111–113; JS Collection, CHL.