Sidney Rigdon, Appeal to the American People, 1840

Livingston County, (the place where the cannon was said  to be found by the Mormons,) and discharged. This  was before the burning in Daviess County. About  the time of our arrival at Far West, a report came into  the place stating that a mob was about collecting at Bunk ham [Buncombe] for the purpose of burning Far West if they had suf ficient strength; and if not, to commence depredations on  the outskirts of the Mormon settlements by driving them  off and burning their houses. It was therefore thought  best to send out a spy company to that vicinity to watch  the movements of the mobs if there should be any, and  report to Far West. Accordingly, a company of ten  men was raised of which I had the command. We were  instructed to range the southern line of Caldwell County,  and watch the movements of armed bodies of men, if any  were there, and in case they should commit any depreda tions upon the citizens of Caldwell, we were to report to  Far West immediately. We were to act entirely on the  defensive, and not injure any people in person or pro perty, except an attack should be made upon us in our  own County, or upon some of the families of some of our  people. The deponent further saith that he has been  personally acquainted with Joseph Smith Jr., Hyram [Hyrum]  Smith, and Sidney Rigdon, for a number of years and  their teachings concerning the Laws of the Land have  uniformly been to have them observed in every particu lar, and further this deponent saith not.
Sidney Rigdon, An Appeal to the American People: Being an Account of the Persecutions of the Church of Latter Day Saints; and of the Barbarities Inflicted on Them by the Inhabitants of the State of Missouri; 1–84 pp.; Cincinnati, OH: Glezen and Shepard, stereotypers and printers, 1840. The copy used herein is held at Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University.