Minutes, 9 June 1830

Minutes of the first Conference held in the Township of  Fayette, Senaca County, State of New York; by the Elders of  the Church, June 9th. 1830, according to the Church Articles and  Covenants
Elders Present:
Joseph Smith, junior.David Whitmer,
Oliver Cowdery,John Whitmer,
Peter Whitmer [Jr.],Ziba Peterson
Ezekiel 14th. read by br. Joseph Smith jr. and prayer by the same  Articles and Covenants read by Joseph Smith jr. and recieved by unanim ous voice of the whole congregation, which consisted of most of the  male members of the Church. Samuel H. Smith was then ordained an  Elder under the hand of Oliver Cowdery; Joseph Smith seignior and  Hyrum Smith were ordained Priests.
The following persons were then seated respectflly respectively & received  their licences, Viz:
Elders of this Church.Priests of this Church.
David WhitmerMartin Harris
John WhitmerHyrum Smith
Peter WhitmerJoseph Smith Sen.
Ziba Peterson Teachers of this Church
Samuel H. SmithHiram Page and Christian Whitmer.
Exhortation by Joseph Smith jr. and Oliver Cowdery, Conference  adjourned to the 26th. September 1830, to be held in the same place.
Br. Oliver Cowdery appointed to keep the Church record and Conference  Minutes until the next conference. Prayer by all the Brethren present  and dismissed by Br. Oliver Cowdery. The above Minutes were taken at the time  of this conference by Oliver Cowdery
Clerk. [p. 1]
The first conference of the recently organized church, held at the Whitmer home in Fayette Township, New York, complied with direction given in the church’s “Articles and Covenants.” This brief record is the earliest of any extant minutes of the recently organized church. According to the minutes, the conference’s primary business was the ordaining and licensing of elders, priests, and teachers. In his later history, JS reported that about thirty members attended with a number of other believers and investigators. He also noted that some participants reported having pentecostal experiences during the conference.
This text appears in Minute Book 2, inscribed by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. Robinson had been appointed church clerk and recorder 6 April 1838 and apparently copied this text from records kept at the conference in June 1830.