Smith, William B. 


13 Mar. 18111–13 Nov. 1893.2 Farmer, newspaper editor.3 Born at Royalton, Windsor Co., Vermont.4 Son of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack.5 Moved to Lebanon, Grafton Co., New Hampshire, 1811; to Norwich, Windsor Co., 1813; and to Palmyra, Ontario Co., New York, 1816–Jan. 1817.6 Moved to Manchester, Ontario Co., 1825.7 Baptized into LDS church by David Whitmer, ca. 9 June 1830, at Seneca Lake, Seneca Co., New York.8 Ordained a teacher, by 5 Oct. 1830.9 Lived at The Kingdom, unincorporated settlement near Waterloo, Seneca Co., Nov. 1830.10 Moved to Kirtland, Geauga Co., Ohio, May 1831.11 Ordained an elder by Lyman Johnson, 19 Dec. 1832, at Kirtland.12 Served mission to Erie Co., Pennsylvania, Dec. 1832.13 Attended organizational meeting of School of the Prophets, 22–23 Jan. 1833, in Kirtland.14 Married first Caroline Amanda Grant, 14 Feb. 1833, likely in Erie Co.15 Ordained a high priest, 21 June 1833.16 Participated in Camp of Israel expedition to Missouri, 1834.17 Ordained member of Quorum of the Twelve, 15 Feb. 1835, at Kirtland.18 Left Ohio for Far West, Caldwell Co., Missouri, May 1838.19 Disfellowshipped, 4 May 1839.20 Restored to Quorum of the Twelve, 25 May 1839.21 Settled at Plymouth, Hancock Co., Illinois, ca. 1839, where he kept a tavern.22 Member of Masonic lodge in Nauvoo, Hancock Co.23 Member of Nauvoo City Council, 1842–1843.24 Editor of Nauvoo newspaper the Wasp, 1842.25 Represented Hancock Co. in Illinois House of Representatives, 1842–1843.26 Admitted to Council of Fifty, 25 Apr. 1844. Wife died, May 1845.27 Ordained patriarch of church, 24 May 1845.28 Married second Mary Jane Rollins, 22 June 1845, at Nauvoo.29 Excommunicated, 12 Oct. 1845.30 Sustained James J. Strang as successor to JS, 1 Mar. 1846.31 Married third Roxey Ann Grant, 19 May 1847, in Knox Co., Illinois.32 Ordained patriarch and apostle of Strang’s Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 11 June 1846, at Voree, Walworth Co., Wisconsin Territory.33 Excommunicated from Strangite movement, 8 Oct. 1847.34 Affiliated briefly with Lyman Wight, 1849–1850.35 Initiated a new movement with Martin Harris and Chilton Daniels at Kirtland, likely 1855.36 Married fourth Eliza Elsie Sanborn, 12 Nov. 1857, at Kirtland.37 Moved to Venango, Erie Co., Pennsylvania, by 1860, and to Elkader, Clayton Co., Iowa, shortly after.38 Enlisted in U.S. Army during Civil War and apparently adopted middle initial B at this time. Spent active duty time in Arkansas.39 Joined RLDS church, 1878.40 Wife died, Mar. 1889.41 Married fifth Rosanna Jewitt Surprise, 21 Dec. 1889, at Clinton, Clinton Co., Iowa.42 Moved to Osterdock, Clayton Co., 1890.43 Died at Osterdock.44