House of the Lord, Kirtland Township, Ohio 



JS revelation, dated Jan. 1831, directed Latter-day Saints to migrate to Ohio, where they would “be endowed with power from on high.”1 In Dec. 1832, JS revelation directed Saints to “establish . . . an house of God.”2 JS revelation, dated 1 June 1833, chastened Saints for not building house.3 Cornerstone laid, 23 July 1833, and temple completed, Mar. 1836.4 Had three stories with large rooms for assemblies on first two floors and five rooms or offices on attic floor.5 Included variety of pulpits in tiers at either end of assembly rooms for various priesthood offices.6 Used for variety of purposes, both before and after dedication, including confirmations, ordinations, quorum organizations, anointings, Elders School, and Hebrew School.7 Temple dedicated, 27 Mar. 1836 and again 31 Mar. 1836.8 Long-anticipated solemn assembly held, 30 Mar. 1836.9 In temple, 3 Apr. 1836, JS and Oliver Cowdery reported receiving priesthood “keys,” or authority, from Old Testament prophets Moses, Elias, and Elijah and reported seeing Jesus Christ.10 See also glossary listings for “House of the Lord,” “Hebrew School,” and “School of the Prophets.”