Declaration, 21 June 1834

by ourselves and six by the people of Jackson county and  these men shall say what the possissions of those men are  worth who cannot live in the county with us, and they shall  have their money in one Year; and none of our people  shall enter that County to reside until the money is paid  The damages which we have sustained in consequence of  being driven shall also be left to the above twelve. Or they  may all live in the county if they choose and we will never  molest them if they will let us alone and let us enjoy  equal rights. We want to live in peace with all men, and  Equal Rights is all we require. We want to become permanent  citizens of the State and bear our proportion in supporting the  Government thereof that we may be protected by her laws.
 If the above proposals are complied with we are willing to  give security on our parts, and shall want the same of the  people of Jackson County for the performance of the agreement.
 We do not wish to settle down in a boddy, except where  we can purchase the lands with money, for to take  possession by conquest or the shedding of blood is  something foreign to our feelings. The sheding of  blood we shall not be guilty of until all just and  honorable principles among men prove ineffectual  to restore peace
Clay County 21st June 1834
Joseph Smith Jr.
John Lincoln F[rederick] G Williams
C. K. Morehead Lyman Wight
Roger Orton
John SconceOrson Hyde
James H LongJohn S Carter
James Collins
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JS, John Lincoln, Frederick G. Williams, C. K. Morehead, Lyman Wight, Roger Orton, John Sconce, Orson Hyde, James H. Long, John S. Carter, and James Collings, declaration, Liberty, MO, 21 June 1834; two pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.