History, 1838–1856, volume A-1 [23 December 1805–30 August 1834]

History, 1838–1856, volume A-1 [23 December 1805–30 August 1834]

thy judgment be sent forth unto victory; and after this great tribulation let  thy blessing fall upon thy people, and let thy handmaid live till her soul  shall be satisfied in beholding the Glory of Zion; notwithstanding her present  affliction she shall yet arise and put on her beautiful garments, and be  the joy and glory of the whole Earth, therefore let your heart be comforted;  live in strict obedience to the commandments of God, and walk humble  before him and he will exalt thee in his own due time. I will assure  you that the Lord has respect unto the offering you made. Brother  David <W.> Pattin [Patten] has just returned from his tour to the East, and gives us  great satisfaction as to his ministry, he has raised up a church of  about eighty-three members in that part of the Country, where his  friends live, in the State of New York; many were healed through his  instrumentality, several cripples were restored, as many as twelve  that were afflicted came at a time from a distance to be healed;  he and others administered in the name of Jesus, and they were made  whole, thus you see, that the Laborers in the Lord’s Vineyard are laboring  with their mights, while the day lasts knowing the night soon cometh  when no man can work. (see page 345)

Addenda, Note A • 8 November 1832

Note A. About the 8th. of November I received a visit from Elders Joseph Young, Brigham  Young, and Heber C. Kimball from Mendon, Munroe County, New York.  They spent four or five days at Kirtland, during which we had many  interesting moments. At one of our interviews, Brother Brigham Young, and  John P. Greene spoke in Tongues, which was the first time I had heard this  Gift among the brethren, others also spoke, and I received the Gift myself.  Brother Joseph Young is a great man, but Brigham is a greater, and the time  will come when he will preside over the whole church. (see page 240)

Addenda, Note B • 25 May 1833

Thomas Bullock handwriting ends; Charles Wesley Wandell begins.  

Note B. May the 25, 1833. My uncle John Smith and family  arrived in Kirtland, from Potsdam New York, my uncle being  an Elder in the church, and his wife and eldest son George  A Smith, a lad of fifteen were members; they being the first  of my father’s relatives who obeyed the gospel. page 297.

Addenda, Note C • 1805–1820

Note C. Joseph Smith <Senr.> was born July 12th, 1771, in Topsfield, <Essex county> Massachusetts:  his father Asael Smith, was born March 7th 1744 in Topsfield <Massachusetts>  his father Samuel Smith was born Jan’y 26th 1714 in Topsfield, Massachusetts  his father Samuel Smith was born Jan’y 26th 1666, Topsfield  his father Robert Smith came from England. page 1. [p. 2 [addenda]]
JS, History, 1838–1856, vol. A-1, created 11 June 1839–24 Aug. 1843; handwriting of James Mulholland, Robert B. Thompson, William W. Phelps, and Willard Richards; 553 pages, plus 16 pages of addenda; CHL. This is the first volume of a six-volume manuscript history of the church. This first volume covers the period from 23 December 1805 to 30 August 1834; the remaining five volumes, labeled B-1 through F-1, continue through 8 August 1844.