History, 1838–1856, volume A-1 [23 December 1805–30 August 1834]

History, 1838–1856, volume A-1 [23 December 1805–30 August 1834]

Therefore prophesy and it shall be given by the power of the Holy Ghost: and  if you are faithful behold I am with you until I come; and verily  verily, I say unto you, I come quickly. I am your Lord and  your Redeemer: Even so: Amen.

December 1830

It was in December. that Elder Sidney Rigdon, a sketch  of whose history I have before mentioned, came to inquire of the  Lord, and with <him> came that man, (of whom I will hereafter  speak more fully,) named Edward Partridge; he was a pattern  of piety, and one of <the> Lord’s great men, known by his stead fastness and patient endurance to the end. Shortly after the  arrival of these two brethren, thus spake the Lord:—
<A Revela tion to  J Smith &  S Rigdon  Decr  1830>A revelation to Joseph Smith Junr. and Sidney Rigdon given at  Fayette, N.Y. December 1830.
1. Listen to the voice of the Lord your God, even Alpha and Omega,  the beginning and the end, whose course is one eternal round,  the same to day as yesterday and forever. I am Jesus Christ  the Son of God, who was crucified for the Sins of the world,  even as many as will believe on my name, that they may  become the sons of God, even one in me as I am One in the  Father, as the Father is one in me, that we may be one.
2. Behold, verily, verily I say unto my servant Sidney, I have looked  upon thee and thy works. I have heard thy prayers, and pre pared the[e] for a greater work. Thou art blessed for thou shalt  do great things. Behold thou wast sent forth even as John and to  prepare the way before me, and before Elijah which should  come, and thou knew it not. Thou didst baptize with wa ter unto repentance, but they received not the Holy Ghost;  but now I give unto you a commandment, that thou shalt  baptize by water, and they shall receive the Holy Ghost, by the  laying on of the hands, even as the apostles of old.
3. And it shall come to pass that there shall be a great  work in the land, even among the Gentiles; for their  folly and their abominations shall be made manifest,  in the eyes of all people: For I am God and mine arm  is not shortened, and I will show miracles, signs & won ders, unto all those who believe on my name. And whoso  shall ask it in my name, in faith, they shall cast out dev ils; they shall heal the sick; they shall cause the blind  to receive their sight, and the deaf to hear, and the dumb [p. 78]
JS, History, 1838–1856, vol. A-1, created 11 June 1839–24 Aug. 1843; handwriting of James Mulholland, Robert B. Thompson, William W. Phelps, and Willard Richards; 553 pages, plus 16 pages of addenda; CHL. This is the first volume of a six-volume manuscript history of the church. This first volume covers the period from 23 December 1805 to 30 August 1834; the remaining five volumes, labeled B-1 through F-1, continue through 8 August 1844.