Letter from Alanson Ripley, 10 April 1839

that there is a god in Israel, that can blast the hellish desires and base designs of  that infernal banditti whose hands have been embrued in the blood of martyrs and  Saints: who wish to destroy the Church of God. But their Chain is short, there is  but just enough left to bind their own hands with.
Dear Brethren I am  at your service and I wait your Council at Quincy and shall be happy to grant  you the desires of your hearts; I am ready to act. Please to give me all the intelli gence that is in your power. If you take a change of venue please to let me know  what county you will come to and when as near as possible and what road  you will come, for I shall be an Adder in the path. Yes My Dear Brethren  God Almighty will deliver you, fear not, for your redemption draweth near, the  day of your deliverance is at hand. Dear Brethren I have it in my heart to lay  my body in the sand or deliver you from your bonds, and my mind is intensely fixed  on the latter. Dear Brethren, you will be able to judge of the Spirit that actuates  my breast, for when I realise your sufferings my heart is like wax before the fire, but  when I reflect upon the cause of your afflictions it is like fire in my bones, and burns  against your enemies to the bare hilt, and I never can be satisfied while there is  one of them to piss against a wall, or draw a sword or spring a trigger, for my  sword never has been sheathed in peace; for the blood of D[avid] W. Patten and those who  were butchered at Hawn’s Mill crieth for vengeance from the ground therefore hear  it, Oh ye Heavens, and record it, Oh! ye recording angels, bear the tidings ye flaming  seraphs, that I from this day declare myself the avenger of the blood of those innocent  men, and of the innocent cause of Zion and of her prisoners, and I will not rest untill  they are as free who are in prison as I am.
Your families are all well and in good spirits. May the Lord  bless you all, Amen. Brs A Lyman & W Barlow join in saying our hearts are  as thy heart. Br Joseph if my Spirit is wrong, for God’s Sake Correct it.
Brethren be of good cheer, for we are determined as God  liveth to rescue you from that hellish crowd or die in the attempt furrow. We  shall come face foremost.
N. B.
S. B. Crockett,
(I have been once driven but not whipped)
Br B[righam] Young sends his best compliments respects to you all.
J— S— Jr