Letter from George Gee, 30 December 1841

pamphlet containing the trial between Br Joseph  and Hurlburt at Pain[e]sville called upon us to  meet in publick and Discuss the authenticity of  the Book of Mormon— we agreed to if they would  pay for the use of the Hall— provided they were  Men Gentlemen of credit— influence Education  and Talent— but we would not Debate with  Blackguards— which made them Mad— when  they called us imposters and applied any quantity  of great titles to Br Joseph— but the Constable told them  to stop or they should go before His Honor the  Mayor— we then left the room while they read  Lemon [Leman] Copleys testimony as give at Painesville  our friend the constable has told us to day that  Mormonism is all the “Tost” to day— and that  there is as many fi[gh]ting for us as there is against  us— who say that that we have conducted like  gentlemen and if Mormonism cannot be put  down with the Bible— there is no use to bring  up the writing of Blackguards & Newspapers  tales that it has ganed to[o] many votaries to  be put down in that way— and so long as  we conduct ourselves as we have thus far  no one shall mosest [molest] us— many express there  astonishment because we prove our Doctrine  so clearly from their “Law” the Bible—  I think that some seed has fallen upon good  ground and we shall reap a little wheet in  this ungodly City— I have found some who  say that they are acquainted with Elder Rigdo[n]  & know all about his getting the Spalding  manuscript from Pattersons office. Patterson is  yet living so I am told. I anticipate getting  his cirtificate, and wish Prest Rigdon to  write me a letter stating the year when [p. [2]]
George Gee, Letter, Philadelphia, PA, to Sidney Rigdon and the First Presidency, Nauvoo, IL, 30 Dec. 1841; presumably handwriting of George Gee; three pages; Sidney Rigdon Collection, CHL.